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144 offices in colombia
95 corresponsales bancarios propios
14961 puntos de recaudo en todo el país vía Baloto, efecty y movil red
3196 puntos en alianza con Gane, supergiros y Juguemos
Banco W is a credit institution that has its headquarters in Cali – Colombia, and whose main shareholder is the WWB Colombia Foundation. The main interest of its majority shareholder is to facilitate the access to credit to the socially and economically less favored sectors, for which it directs its activities mainly towards the granting of loans to the micro and small business sector.


Icono misión banco w Mission: To contribute to the quality of life of low income people by providing them with simple, innovative and timely financial products and services in a responsible, profitable and sustainable manner
icono visión banco w Vision: To be the bank best valued by its collaborators, customers, shareholders and the community for contributing to its well-being and quality of life in a transparent, efficient, innovative and profitable way.
  • Foto sede 1980

    Our beginnings as WWB Colombia Foundation

    1980 – 2011

    In the year 1980 the WWB Colombia Foundation launched a project with the objective of incorporating women heads of households and scarce resources to economic activity through credit. After several decades of experience in financing and strengthening the businesses of women and men in the less favored social sectors, in 2011 a new entity, Banco WWB, a Cali bank associated with the international network Women’s World Banking.

  • Foto sede 2011

    From Foundation to Bank


    – On February 1, 2011, it began operations as Banco WWB, when the Colombian Financial Superintendence authorizes its operation. – The expansion of offices throughout the country began, opening in that year a total of 25 offices. – Offer of new products: physical TD’s and commercial portfolio. – The Bank launches its Customer Service Line nationwide. – The Mercury platform is created to record and manage customer inquiries – In April 2011, the Bank launched the first issue of its ‘Mujer es …’ program on the Telepacífico regional channel, where the stories of microentrepreneurs have been exalted as an example of entrepreneurship in the country. – In May 2011, the Bank’s own social network media were being created, such as twitter and its website – Opening of branches: Ibagué, Bucaramanga, Cúcuta, Barranquilla El Prado, Barrancabermeja, Oriental Avenue, Itagüí and Belén.

  • Encouraging the habit of saving

    Encouraging the habit of saving


    – The Board of Directors of the WWB Bank named José Alejandro Guerrero Becerra as President in May. – In 2012, the Bank started collecting funds through its completely free savings accounts. – The strategic pillars of the organization are defined: microcredit methodology, product innovation and service culture. – In this year, the Plan Semilla program was born as a Social Responsibility initiative that has the support and assessment of SENA. – In December 2012 launches its Facebook social network, with the purpose of generating Financial Education. – Opening of Branches: Bello, Usme, Barrios Unidos, Patio Bonito, Chia, Bucaramanga, Ibagué II, Villavicencio Santa Helena, Girón, Girardot, Cereté, El Espinal, Puerto Gaitán, Rionegro, Ocaña, San Gil and Arauca.

  • Graphic - Expanding our coverage throughout the country

    Expanding our coverage throughout the country


    – 2013-2016 -The Bank’s strategic planning is structured. – The Bank launches the transactional channel Banca Móvil, designed so that our clients are able to make transactions of their savings and microcredit products quickly, easily and safely through their mobile phone. – An agreement is entered into with Gane, Ganar, Ganayá and Juguemos as bank correspondents in alliance that allow clients to make different transactions of the products offered by the Bank. – Creation of PAP accounts. – Creation of Banca Seguros. (Insurance Banking)- The promise and commandments of service are born, built by the Bank’s Steering Group and led by facilitator Iván Mazo. – Opening of branches: La Plata and Túquerres.

  • Banco W, Innovating products and strengthening our service culture

    Innovating products and strengthening our service culture


    – New products are created: • Voy Seguro Familia (Family Insurance) and Voy Seguro Hogar (Home Insurance)• Pagahorro (Saving pays) • CDT de bajos montos (Low amount Term Deposits) • Crédito de Libranza (Payroll Loans) – The Collective Pact 2014-2018 is born, to offer the employees emotional and economic benefits. – In April 2014, the television program ‘Mujer es …’ changes its name to ‘WWB Al Día’, in order to unify it with ‘WWB al Día’ magazine as Bank’s own resources. – As a contribution to the community our Bank … Launches the campaign ‘There are behavior that are mistreatment’. It Starts the program ‘Beautify your municipality’. – Participation of the Bank in ‘Exponegocios 2014’, scenario led by the Chamber of Commerce of Cali. – Opening of branches: Riosucio, Foundation, Tunja, Yopal, Magangué, Lorica, Corozal, Union Nariño, Sibundoy, Montelíbano, Mocoa and Sabanalarga.

  • Photo Banco W - Economic, social and environmental wellbeing for all our stakeholders

    Economic, social and environmental wellbeing for all our stakeholders


    – In 2015 one of our greatest dreams came true, the creation of the Employees’ Fund, FONWWB, aiming to contribute to the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of the associates and their families. – The competency model is structured in line with the culture of service. – The measurement of organizational climate is carried out under the methodology of the Great Place to Work® Institute. – The brand change project is born. – Alliances are born with: Clave 2000 for line of credit of vehicle with productive orientation. Or Fogel (microcredit of fixed assets for the purchase of a refrigerator or new refrigerator) or Universal Hardware (benefits customers for the progressive improvement of their home). – The Natillera account is born: savings account programmed to celebrate holidays in december. – 2014, We publish our first Sustainability Report, which highlights the environmental, social and economic actions that impact the different stakeholders.
    – MetLife Foundation selects the Bank along with other organizations to promote and develop a project that consists of building a portfolio of low-income products that deepens cross-selling. – The WWB Bank obtains better operational qualification in the National Guarantee Fund (FNG). – Project Progress is born, for the management of resources, systems and process optimization. – The Bank joins the celebration of the Global Money Week 2015, through a financial education day at Nuevo Latir Educational Citadel in the east of Cali. – The Bank is selected to present its experience with the ‘Yo Construyo'(I Build) product at the Latin American and Caribbean Forum on Adequate Housing in Mexico. – Opening of branches: Apartadó, Chaparral, Funza, Istmina, Piendamó, San José de Isnos, San Jose del Guaviare, San Vicente del Caguán and Libranzas office in Cali.

  • Photo Banco W - We remain committed to what we believe

    We remain committed to what we believe


    – New products are created: • Gotahorro: as a short-term credit with periodicity of daily payment. • Yo Construyo(I Build) : which finances the progressive improvement of housing. – In March 2016, the TV program ‘WWB al Día’ reaches the UNO Channel and is broadcast nationally. – New partnerships are born with: MovilRed, a Banking Correspondent that allows our clients to carry out different transactions in an agile and timely manner. Or Nestlé (shopkeepers affiliated with the Nestlé Wellness Shop) – Starts the financial education training program ‘Successful Money Management’ for all employees. – From the Human Talent Management, the ‘Reconoser’ programs, Primary Groups and the ‘Lazos de Amor’ room are launched. – The entrepreneurship education program ‘Innovadores’ is launched in four Educational Institutions of Cali. – Opening of branches: El Bordo, Leticia and Puerto Asís.

  • Logo Banco W



    We were born as the foundation WWB Colombia. In 2011 we became a new entity, Banco WWB, and since then our corporate visual image has been evolving according to the needs of our clients, the community and the business. In the year 2015 we began a long teamwork with a specialized firm, exploring, evaluating and measuring the perception about our brand, since we required a name change that would allow us to be recognized for what we are, a simple and friendly bank.
    This year we present our new name: BANCO W, simple and friendly, a brand derived from the previous one, simple, close and easy to remember. Our essence is the same, did not change the NIT, nor the stock composition, nor the product’s, network of agencies or services; Simply changed name, image and business name.

Almost 37 years have passed since the day when the dream of generosity and solidarity began to open. That is why today, when the women who made it possible to come true come together, they only have pleasant memories, filtered by time, almost unlikely anecdotes which spirit was wrote in a comment by Maria Eugenia Carvajal de Guerrero when she said: “Such a crazy idea had to be good “. Yes, it was a crazy idea that became not only exemplary but indestructible.


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